Research Work

Research Area: Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud is an emerging technology. With every passing day more people/organizations are showing their interest in cloud computing. Cloud computing provides a number of benefits like cost effectiveness, reduction in computational overhead, better accessibility and resource management to its customers.
Google docs, Microsoft Sky Drive, Office 365, Amazon EC2 etc. are some of the best examples of cloud computing. However, the cloud is considered to be in its infancy and the security is the top concern with it, which makes people reluctant to not opt this technology.

Thesis: Enhancing the trust in federated cloud environment through risk based access control
Supervisor: Dr. Awais Shibli

Cloud federation is itself a new concept in cloud domain, which aims to provide better scalability. Different cloud service providers (CSP) join together to form a federation, in which CSPs share different resources and client’s data among each other. Now, there exists a possibility, when one CSP in a federation gets malicious or its performance gets bad, to avoid any mishap there must be a way to restrict the privileges given to that specific CSP. This will make sure that other CSPs in federation don’t get affected by malicious CSP. Currently, there is lack of such mechanism that can alter the privileges of a CSP based on its performance.
In this regard, we aim to provide a privilege control mechanism for cloud domain that will facilitate the CSPs to dynamically change the privileges given to the other CSPs, based on its the performance/feedback. A risk based access control (RAC) will be deployed, unlike traditional access control, RAC is dynamic in nature i.e. it incorporates the risk factor for making decisions. In proposed mechanism, risk will be calculated on fly, if the risk calculated is below the desired risk threshold then all privileges will be given, if not then the system will restrict certain privileges. Proposed mechanism will ensure the security of customer’s data in cloud environment. You can find my presentations and other useful material related to my thesis in download section of this site.

2 thoughts on “Research Work

    Free Classified ads pakistan said:
    December 22, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    Great, you must have spend days, not hours on your research, I am looking forward every big fish in technology Ocean making their own app engine on cloud and changing the world. However Risk factor calculation is still a hypocrite way of assuring the security measures!!

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