Humor Section

I consider myself a person with good sense of humor, at least more witty than most of the females.

Technical / Engineering/ Computer Networking & Security related jests:

1. *Short Love Story*

He said: “My love is like a UDP packet, uni-directional with no acknowledgements. *tsk tsk*

2. *Short Love Story*

She asked my password and I left her.

3. *Pickup Line*

Hey Girl ! Are you a voltage source ? Because you charge me up.

General jokes:

1. Why do most of the females have crush on Shaid Afridi but not on me ? I also frequently disappoint people with my performance and behavior.

2. Q. Whats the difference between you and a school ?
A. School got a class but you don’t.

3. Some where between “I dont think I am going to pass this course” and “Oh god! I didn’t do anything in my paper”, the whining bastard scored A grade.

4. Kid: Papa, it’s Hardees time.
Papa:No beta, it’s Hadees time.


5. Hey Girl ! Are you Sharif because you are ruling my heart !!!

#Pickup Line

6. We all are Homo … … … Homo-sapiens.

7. If religion (Islam) was an application, it would have come out with the following description on Google Play Store:

  • Brand new Abrahamic religion is out.
  • Presenting New book and New Shariah.
  • Unlike previous times, messenger is from the generation of Ishamel not from Issac.
  • Old Shariah and books that include “Old Testament, New Testament / Bible and Torah” have been revoked.
  • New Qibla has been proposed, good bye to previous Israel based Qiblia.
  • Fixed bugs and Improves performance.
  • Last but not least, this is the last update for this religion APP. No more new messengers, books or shariah will be proposed.

Roman Urdu jokes:

1. And burgers be like “Mujha Al Pacino kee tarha GODFATHER banna ha lakin I can’t smoke because of asthma”

2. Some where between “beta pani kee motor chala do” and “motor band kar do” our water tank overflowed.

3. *USA*: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can & will be used against you in court of law.
*Pakistan*: Lambya paa loo anu.



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